Monday, 1 April 2013

Guide: Candy Crush Saga Level 141 (Tips and Tricks)

Hello fellow crushies and welcome to my guide to level 141 of Candy Crush Saga, the most addicting Facebook game ever!!

This level is the first time I've seen the bricks with brown swirls on them. These bricks need to be adjacent to a candy match three times before they are blown up. They sound intimidating, they probably are in other levels but I finished this level on my first try.

Candy Crush Saga Level 141

Again you have to collect a certain amount of a certain colour but at the start I suggest not concentrating on these colours. The important tip in this level is to concentrate on blowing up a few of the brown blocks. At the start there are very few candy colours to move around, by blowing up blocks more candies fall into play so you have more to work with. Once you have a sufficient amount of candies you can begin matching up 4s, Ls and 5s to get special candies. Try and use these candies to just blow up as much of the boards as you can. With about five moves to go you should then be able to selectively pick and match the candies that are still left to be collected. 

Candy Crush Saga Level 141 Completed!

Good luck on your quest Crushies!