Monday, 1 April 2013

Guide to Level 143 in Candy Crush Saga (Tips and Hints)

Hello Crushies and welcome to my tutorial on level 143 of Candy Crush Saga, the most addicting Facebook game ever...

There's not much I can say about this level in terms of hints or tips- I really don't have any advice! It's a level where you have to remove all the jelly. The first main thing obviously, is to destroy that lone bomb in the centre of the boards...

The question is: How? I found that there was only one move on the board at a time that I could make. So I made that move. And bout five times in ten moves there were no moves and it reshuffled for me... I really just went through the level making the only available move...

Maybe I got lucky but on my fourth go at this level I managed to match the bomb before it exploded...

Once that bomb is destroyed the rest of the level was fairly basic... Just make sure to concentrate on both sides of the board, don't let one part get left to the end for the jelly to be removed.

Candy Crush Saga Level 143 Completed!

Enjoy, fellow Crushies!


  1. Yup, pretty much worked out that way for me too! :D

  2. Still tryingto get a lucky run, missing central bomb by one move most times, 10 lives down so far.. At least nit a frustrating level because purely based on luck

  3. It's impossible!