Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spaghetti Code?! Lasagna code?!

I'm sure you've heard of spaghetti code before? It's when you write something in a too complicated way. Writing too many lines of codes. Not refactoring. For example, for an assignment in college recently, one of my colleagues handed up 27 classes (I think he had created a complete GUI?) for a simple socket exercise! I handed up three classes and we got the same mark. 

Interestingly, I heard another term today which is new to me: Lasagna code! I think this pertains more to your program's architecture than code. It's used to describe a package with too many architectural layers. For example, when creating a single screen web application you can create views within views within views within divs within divs! It's very important to plan out your architecture before you being coding- Unless you want to end of with some Italian cuisine of course!!


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