Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Threats From North Korea Are No Laughing Matter

I don't care how trivial people think the threats coming from North Korea are, war is never funny. Especially in the modern day where wars are no longer fought between two armies. No, now when a country is at war it is the civilians who pay the price. Kim Jong-un can wage a war as much as he pleases- It's never him that's going to be killed or wounded.

This photo came up on my Facebook feed this morning:

Kim Jong-un caricatured as Cartman from South Park

This is not funny. Yes, the North Korean leader does look a bit like a cartoon character and has done some odd things since becoming leader- But this doesn't remove the fact that he has weapons ready to deploy as soon as he says the word. They might not be able to reach the USA but they can definitely reach South Korea.

I saw a post on which was somewhere along the lines of "I hope North Korea sends missiles to the USA, so that they can finally get what they deserve". What who deserves? The people of North Korea? The people who live with poverty, censorship and propaganda on a daily basis? If the USA starts bombing North Korea the Korean citizens will receive something no human deserves. Yes, eventually Kim Jong-un may pay the price for his actions, but not in the same way the residents of NK will. 

Stupid Reddit Confession Bears (North Korea)
Again, statements like this don't make sense. No government is going to get 'steamrolled' (Whatever that means?) it's the community members who will suffer. I know, Reddit is only a small subset of the population of the USA but really, this whole 'MURICA! thing needs to stop. Stop being so smug just because you know your own country's weapons can destroy a whole civilization. 

This. Except it's not only members of the USA, it's also everyone in North Korea, South Korea, China and any other nation which might get involved.
Death is never a laughing matter.

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