Monday, 1 April 2013

Tutorial: Level 144 Candy Crush Saga

Hello Crushies and welcome to my guide to level 144 of the most addictive Facebook game: Candy Crush Saga!

This level is hard! There are so many bombs at the start, don't try to do anything except to match these bombs!!

Level 144

After a while you'll start to blow up the blocks and more candies will drop down- But so will more bombs! Unless there are no bombs currently on the board you should never try to make special candies or anything like that. I can't emphasize this enough, concentrate on the bombs! 

The points requirement to win this level isn't actually very high... If you manage to just keep matching the bombs again and again you will make the point quota easily in the specified moves.

Candy Crush Saga Level 144 Completed!

Enjoy this level Crushies!