Monday, 1 April 2013

Yes it's true: Nicole Polizza (aka Snooki) Has Gotten Married!

Well, no, I'm presuming it's an April Fool's prank! AN official post on her facebook today stated that she and fiance Jionni Lavall (Who is the father of her son Lorenzo) had eloped and tied the know today. Hmmm...

Accompanying the post was the following guido-style photo of the happy couple.
Snooki and Jionni at pictured at their alleged wedding which they eloped to!

There's definitely something fishy about this photo... Whether it's the seriously outdated hairstyle that Snooki would never wear or the natural hue to her skin (As opposed to Nicole's usual fake bake!) I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels!! 

Snooki also tweeted the picture...

Snooki tweeted that she eloped... To mixed reactions from followers

Something tells me this is a clever trick- And it's worked, the comments below the photo online are all wellwishers saying congratulations!

Well played Snooki, you almost had me fooled this time!!


  1. Totally fake Nicole has tattoos on her right arm this looks like Some sweet sixteen photo photo shopped with their faces on plus the place doesnt look as fabulous as I know she would of had for her wedding