Monday, 11 May 2015

How to make an Anti-Stress Kit :)

This is a great DIY gift idea for someone who is under a lot of pressure or feeling anxious about something. 
Here's how I made it:

Print the contents and attach to the package:

A nice little box would be perfect, but I used a ziplock bag and it looked fine :)

Here' the contents of mine:
A Penny: So you will never be broke
Tea: Life is like a cup of tea, it's all about how you make it
Snickers: Because laughter is the best medicine
Eraser: So you can make all your mistakes disappear
Rubber Band: So you can stretch yourself beyond your limits
String: To tie things together when everything falls apart
A Hug: To remind you that someone, somewhere will always care about you

I would suggest swapping out the 'hug' for  Hershey's Kisses if you have access to them... Being in Ireland I couldn't find any but they are much nicer than a 'hug voucher'...

Here's the contents in pics:

Here's the Anti-Stress Kit all packaged up and ready to go:

The receiver of my gift was very happy and thankful so it did what to was supposed to do :)

Colourful Moschino Clutches!

Check out all these amazing colourful clutches from Moschino! I want them all!!

I also love these cute Moschino bags:

Amy makes a really good steak...

My sisters and I have all  been following the low carbohydrate, high fat lifestyle lately... We've all agreed that the best thing about this diet is rib eye steaks. So juicy, fatty, tasty and less than four minutes to prepare!

Here's Amy preparing an amazing RARE steak for moi :)


Look how big they are!!! 202 grams each! Scrumptions!

Here's how mine looked: Steak (rare) with butter along with spinach and caesar dressing. So tasty and so lchf!!

Piggy Stuff in TK Maxx...

So unusual... In the home ware section in TK Maxx I found all these piggy utensils? How weird!

Piggy Can Opener!

Two Mini Piggy Spatulas!

Piggy Spatula!

Little Piggy Frying Pan!

Piggy Whisk!

Piggy Tongs!

Piggy Egg Cup And Spoon!

Little Piggy gets the job done! Oink Oink!