Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rockin' Joes, Galway

Quinnsy and I made a daytrip to Galway last weekend to get some makeup in Brown Thomas (Nowhere to buy good makeup in Athlone at all!). We decided to get some lunch in this diner that we jokingly called 'Fake Eddie Rocket's...

It was only when we arrived directly to the front door that we realised it was an Eddie Rockets! 

A temporary (I hope!) sign had been erected declaring the restaurant to be called 'Rockin' Joes'. However, it was hard to miss the typical red decor or our favorite Eddie's.

The jukeboxes had been gutted but they were definitely the same ones as used in Eddie Rockets, as was the red tumblers that our drinks were served in. 

Luckily none of the food had changed either: The cajun sauce on the buffalo wings was just as tasty as I was expecting!

This is our Rockin' Joes receipt listing off all the locations of Eddie Rockets restaurants! 

All mention of Eddie was gone, there were very little signs on the walls for example- But the characteristic bar and stools is unmistakeable!

Some clever re-use of already-present information... Lol!

On our way out we asked the waiter what was going on. He told us that they had changed three weeks previously- All the Eddie Rockets in Munster and Connaught are now Rocking Joes because they are all owned by the same business man. After some research on the internet there seems to be two possible reasons for this change: 
  1. The owner decided to break out of the franchise and go alone
  2. Eddie Rockets did not renew the franchise
Either could be plausible- I don't care as long as my food still tastes great!

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love... Binary Pixie x


  1. That's the Irish way of rebranding your business!!!