Friday, 7 February 2014

Fat Bombs for Hitting Your Macros on the Keto Diet!

To maintain ketosis on the keto diet your intake needs to consist of about 70%. I up my fat intake by eating these yummy yummy fat bombs!

Here's the ingredients:

I'm not really sure about measurements- I normally just whip them all together according to taste!
I don't always use the goose fat, I just had some hanging around so I threw it in. Also I use very little sweetener, like less than a teaspoon!
Make sure to use unsalted butter!

I bought all of these ingredients in Tesco- I love their 85% chocolate it's so rich and has an amazing toasted aftertaste. 

I found these cute heart shaped chocolate molds in the euro shop so I made heart-shaped bombs- Just in time for Valentine's day!

Toss them in the freezer for a while until they are rock hard. Then you can take them out off the molds. I normally store them in the freezer afterwards also- They are very melty, after all, they're basically fat!

 Here's the finished result: How cure and appetising are these?!

Enjoyed best accompanied with bulletproof coffee of course!!

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