Monday, 2 July 2018

Key West May 2018 - Final Words

The Duval Loop
The Duval Loop was great. We don't normally use taxis in Key West so it didn't save us money  - But it did save us a lot of time which we previously would have spent walking. It eliminated the need to rent bikes also. There were a few times where we chose to walk instead of getting the bus, but this was when we had a lot of time and we always got the bus home. Originally it was only meant to run on weekends during the Summer, luckily just before we arrived the timetable was scheduled to run 7 days a week. There were always a few other passengers on the bus with us, although it was never packed. I'd say during high season the buses will get much more full.

Best Margaritas

My Three Favourite Margaritas were:
1) Tipsy Rooster
2) Caroline's
3) Arrivals at the Aiport - Although this could just be because if was my first of the trip and I was so happy to be back on the island!!

Happy Hours

My three favourite happy hours (food and drinks) were:
1) Blue Macaw
2) Turtle Kraals
3) The Boathouse

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