Monday, 1 April 2013

I Updated My Laptop To Windows 7!

I know, I'm so late what with Windows 8 being out already but I've never updated because I still love Vista, baby! ... Lol, that was poor!

I decided it was finally time to update as I got the laptop in 2009 and have never changed the operating system since then. I had to install an Ubuntu image for college and it pretty much took up all my resources! SO I figured the easiest way to improve things was to just wipe everything and re-install the OS and why not upgrade while I'm at it. 

I absolutely love my laptop. It's a HP Pavilion and although it's more than four years old I felt like ti was still running good as new (Until I have to allocated over 2 gigabytes to my Ubuntu image of course!) 

Mission Control!

Here's my baby in the process of being updated!

My HP Pavilion now runs smoothly, even when I boot up the virtual machine! 

Ubuntu (Linux) Running on the Virtual Machine

I also ordered a new batter, a new cable and a new jack for the laptop from Amazon.come.

I'm now looking forward to faster blogging and a improved Facebook gaming :) 

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