Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nikon D3100 Non VR Kit Camera - Black.

I'm going to be making quite a large purchase tomorrow morning!! Yep, that's right, I'm getting myself my first digitial slr camera! I've wanted one for so long now, and finally I found one within my price range: Check out this amazing deal on at argos!!

Can you believe it?! A whopping €205 off! 

There was a bit of drama actually acquiring a reserve code for this product. Mr. Kizzy came upon the deal on boards.ie, a really good Irish message board site. Unfortunately by the time he saw it the deal had already been live for a few days. I quickly searched every argos store in Ireland (this was around lunchtime yesterday) and found none for sale at all- Sold out everywhere! Later that evening, however, I checked again and actually found a few available. There were none in stock in Dublin but we reserved one in Sligo and also in Monaghan. Then we had to devise a plan to get to either Sligo or Monaghan! The problem was that you can only reserve an item for one day. This meant that at 6pm today those cameras we reserved went back on sale online. We figured it also meant that cameras in other stores might go back online too!

This evening I rushed to the computer as soon as I could to check if there were any to be got within reasonable distance of us (we can't really be skipping college at the moment, lot's of work to do!). I found one in Dun Laoghaire so I quickly reserved that one. I then rang Mr. Kizzy excited that I had one within travel distance of us! He replied that he had reserved one in Portlaoise also (We have a friend there who could have picked it up for us)! Spoiled for choice! It was only after clicking around a bit after that I came upon one available where else but in the middle of Dublin city centre! What luck!

This item also includes 35euro cash back from Nikon, amazing!

I'll offer the reserve codes I'm not using up on boards.ie in case if anyone wants to use them. Here are the stats for the camera:

I'll make sure to post a review as soon as I can!! 

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