Saturday, 27 April 2013

Parcel Motel: Amazing Service!

I used Parcel Motel for the first time last week to get a new phone cover delivered to me. The item couldn't be delivered to the Republic of Ireland, but it could be delivered to the UK. It's funny how you can get something delivered to Antrim but not Dublin, right?!

Parcel Motel is an excellent service that allows you to get items delivered to you that aren't deliverable to the Republic, or if shipping is free/very cheap to the UK. 

When you register you're given a number that identifies you, when you input this when the delivery address is required as you're ordering online. You then also enter the address of parcel motel: There's one in Finglas, Dublin or one in Antrim, UK. I'm not really sure why you'd use the one in Finglas: Maybe if you're not going to be home when the delivery is due? Or maybe if you want something delivered and don't want anyone else in the house to know!!

The cost of using the service is €3.50 per package, but the first two 'stays' are free! This is great if shipping to the UK is free- You can get it shipped to you for free too! When you register you choose which parcel motel you'd like your package delivered to- There are loads around Dublin! I got mine delivered to a shop about five minutes walk by my house!

This is what the Parcel Motel looks like!
When the package is delivered to your chosen motel you get a text with a pin number. You enter your phone number and that pin number on the touch-screen at the motel. 

Welcome screen at the Parcel Motel
A drawer then pops open and inside it you'll find your parcel chilling and enjoying her/his stay at the motel!  

You just take your package out and you're good to go! 

My package delivered to the Parcel Motel at Spar, Ashtown Grove!

I definitely recommend this service and will use it again. Amazon told me my estimated delivery dae was the 19th and I got a text from Parcel Motel that very same day (albeit at 11pm!) saying my package was ready- I picked it up the very next day. 

The two free stays are excellent, really good value, and at €3.50 a stay afterwards it can still work out a lot cheaper than shipping to the Republic of Ireland. You need a proper email address and a proper mobile phone number to register so it would be tiresome to try to beat the system and get more than two free stays- But it can be done!

All in all, my experience using Parcel Motel was a very positive one and I will be using their service again in the future. 


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  2. You just put your parcel motel number on the web for all to see. I'm going to send you a few packages. It's gonna cost ya!!!!