Saturday, 20 April 2013

Boots can be really good value!

I absolutely love Boots. I don't know why, other chemists/pharmacies don't interest me nearly as much. When I go in for one item I always come out with ten- There are so many essentials that I absolutely must buy right there and then! I also find myself impulsively buying whatever's on special: Normally they do a 3 for 2 offer- But as a student buying two of something is expensive for me!

Today there were some products that I needed to buy in Boots so I wrote myself a list and I stuck to it! My skin has been awfully dry lately which has never really happened before- I think I'm finally growing out of my youthful 'don't need a beauty regime' phase and now I'll have to start looking after my skin! (For example, Mr Kizzy's roommate once recommended a beauty product to me, it was some sort of face brush thing. I told her to "bear in mind that I don't even use a face wash!" and she couldn't believe how lucky I was to have such naturally nice skin. I think those days are coming to an end lately though!) I decided to buy a big tub of moisturizer  a bar of Dove moisturizing creme to use instead of soap for a while and also a tinted, daily moisturizer to try to give myself a bit of a healthy glow. 

I made such a huge saving in store! I was going to buy Nivea but then I spotted other brands which were on sale. In the end I chose a tinted moisturizer by Garnier and a nourishing moisturizer from Dove, along with a beauty cream bar. 

Garnier Summer Body

Moistuerising Lotion: Sun-Kissed Look

Dove Firming, Nourishing Lotion

Can't Wait To Improve The Elasticity!!

Dove Beauty Cream Bar (Surely it should be 'creme'?)

Gratuitous voucher for No.7 that never gets used!
 The Garnier bottle was €9.99 but I was charged €4.99 and the Dove was also on sale at €3.34 as opposed to the original price of €6.69.

Look at those savings!
From looking at the receipt it appears that the Dove beauty bar was free of charge? I'm confused... 

Total savings today: €9.29!

My student travelcard gets me a nice 10% off in Boots so that gave me another little boost of a saving!

I'm happy with my purchases so!